Duscarte's Dilemma

 (note: dustbin day = garbage pick-up day)


Duscarte' the tin-can-philosopher whose motto has always bin; "I think therefore I can" is in a dilemma! As per usual on dustbin day Monday he takes out his sack of garbage to the spot where he always puts it outside his front door, just to the left a bit as not to trip over it.  However, come the following dustbin day it's still there!  MMM..? he thought, they must have forgot me last week.  Still, he can't keep it in doors so he makes company for last weeks bag of this weeks bag.  The third week passes, still no sign of the dustbin men yet still another bag, forth week another, fifth another...Oh my! he exclaims, where are they and what am I to do? Its just as well I don't eat perishables,mmm...perish the thought.  As the weeks go by the rubbish accumulates and still no-body comes.  However hard he "thinks" he just "can not" think of what to do.   He's phoned the city but the recording keeps repeating something about furlough day.  He called at the local dump to find some scattered signs saying something about "MORE PAY" and "STRIKE" but  everyone had gone homeWhat was he to do?  When he got home he realized he could not see his pretty green house for the army of refuse sacks looking sinisterly at him, as if they were about to take over the whole street and still no-body came...  



If you think about it, it could happen to you too!


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