Beverston Big Park In Widewell & Belliver: 

is a community project funded by the Arts Council of Great Britain's Millennium Fund...

The aim was to involve the five primary schools that surround this park between Widewell & Belliver in Plymouth, Devon, U.K. in it's beautification;

Widewell Primary

Langley Primary

Tamerton Vale Primary

Southway Primary

Mary Dene

  The children designed in mosaic creatures they thought may live in the park.  I supervised the children in a technique I call potato chip painting allowing the kids to interpret there designs in mosaic fashion.  This involves cutting the potatoes into sticks (roughly 1/2" square), dipping the ends into water-based poster paints and printing in a mosaic style.  I then used their realizations to create ceramic mosaics which now adorn the concrete plinths in the park.  There were more than 500 such designs which were returned to the children and  used in a joint exhibition in the communities schools.  Unfortunately documentation of these events are unavailable though the outcome of the venture remains for all to enjoy...   



the transformation






some details





some of the children

 displaying their display



        by Fineen